I’ve always been interested in pixel art and games that are being developed in that style will always peek my interest. I grew up during the nintendo 8-bit console era and some of the top games during that time were Metroid, Castlevania and Faxanadu. These games use large world maps for exploration purposes while still being difficult action-adventure platform games, a subgenre known as Metroidvania.

There are several games on the current market that still follow these old concepts and some of them are Ori and the Blind ForestHollow KnightOwlboy, Dead Cells and a game called Celeste.

You’re a little girl with red hair named Madeline and you’re trying to climb a mountain called Celeste. During her climb to the top she has to overcome her anxiety and depression. Celeste is visual eye candy while still having a a descent story and a difficulty that will destroy your thumbs.

There are 8 different chapters and they all come with their own unique look & feel. While you’re progressing through the chapters you’ll also learn new abilities which you’ll have to use in order to work your way through the difficult jumps.

I really enjoyed myself with Celeste and there were plenty of moments where I forgot to actually push a button because I was just admiring all the gorgeousness that was displayed on my screen.

The colorful characters in the game will have you chuckling a few times as well. Celeste is a perfect combination of challenging gameplay and gorgeous visuals.

So far I’ve played 14 hours and have had 2282 deaths while collecting 67 strawberries. I’ll keep playing the game until I’ve collected all the required items and completed all the puzzles to achieve a 100% completion.

I’m far from done. Go check out Celeste on steam!