Middle school student Ganta Igarashi witnessed the slaughter of his entire class by the mysterious 'Red Man', and as the only survivor, he was labeled a mass murderer and sentenced to death. Now an inmate at the privately-owned prison and ‘amusement park' known as Deadman Wonderland, Ganta must try to survive in a place where inmates are the main attraction in brutal gladiator-style games. At the same time, he must attempt to uncover the truth behind the ‘Red Man', his mysterious childhood friend Shiro, and why he was the only survivor that bloody day. Source: Anime-planet.com 

A story of a kid that gets framed, gets put in an amusement park jail where the prisoners have to fight for food tickets. Every few days they have to eat something called candy that prevents them from being poisoned due to the neck collar.

On top of that, they all get some special ability and get put up against each other where the strongest survive.

The concept is like the old movie called Death Race 2000

The whole thing I just typed out just gets thrown out of the window halfway through the show. The amusement park theme just gets replaced with an underground shitty cafe while the prisoners combine forces to escape jail.

You get introduced to characters that just vanish, everybody stops eating candy and the main character shouldn’t actually survive longer than an episode.

It is all so poorly put together.

The best example of how poorly written it is is when the white-haired girl, who is one of the main characters, holds a grudge against the dude that’s trying to rescue her during a time in the show where a group of guards is trying to gang-rape her.